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August 2016

Epic Three-Station Tasting - Ladies of the Vine

Saturday, August 6, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Ladies of the Vine are a group of supplier/importers representing portfolios from around the world. These ladies enjoy each others' wines as much as each others' company, and we know you will too! They formed Ladies of the Vine to showcase all their wines together at events which give you a greater experience and possibility for an around the world venture with each of their expertise. Get ready for an epic tasting with this crowd-pleasing collection of impressive wines!   

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Pop-Up Tasting: Italian Beauties

Friday, August 12, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

We are rolling out the red carpet for a special Pop-Up Tasting. No other place in the world can grow the Nebbiolo grape like the Piedmont region.  The combination of the soil, micro-climates and wine making techniques produce fabulous Barolos. We will pop the corks on two beautiful Barolos from the G.B. Burlotto winery…who’s accomplishments can only be rivaled by those of Biondi-Santi and Vega Sicilia. And just so there is something for everyone, we’ll have a crisp white to start things off. Don’t miss the chance to taste these magical wines!

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A Sea of Mediterranean Wines!

Saturday, August 13, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

It’s been said the Mediterranean climate has the best conditions for grape growing by providing warm sunny days and cold nights. We couldn’t agree more and want to showcase wines from the powerhouses of the Spanish and French Mediterranean. From Spain’s mountainous northern border to the coasts of Languedoc kissed by the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this region is home to a diverse and tasty abundance of wines. Crisp, fragrant sparkling Cava’s, dry whites, dense and earthy wines made from Garnacha, Carignan, and Syrah, the Mediterranean is a one-size-fits-all for delicious, affordable and unforgettable wines. 

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Ancient Peaks Winery with special guest Laura Taffe Balderelli, East Coast Sales Manager

Saturday, August 20, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Ancient Peaks Estate Margarita Vineyard stands alone as the southernmost vineyard in the Paso Robles region, tucked beneath the peaks of the Santa Lucia Mountains. Here, the vines unfold along a rare array of soils amid one of the region’s coolest growing environments. The resulting wines express an unmistakable sense of place, with balanced structure and flavors that are native to Margarita Vineyard. Come meet Laura Taffe Balderelli, East Coast Sales Manager, and hear about this extraordinary terroir that is producing some of the best wines to come out of Paso Robles.

“Ancient Peaks is quickly becoming one of our favorite consistent producers of affordable wines with lots of personality, sourced from the Margarita Vineyard, just 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean.”  The Wine Spectator.

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Pop-Up Tasting: Mathilde Poggi of Le Fraghe Winery

Friday, August 26, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

We are very honored to have Mathilde Poggi of Le Fraghe Winery here for a special Pop-Up Tasting. Ms. Poggi is a force, making lovely wine from her family’s organic estate in Bardolino (nestled between Lake Garda to the west and the hills of Valpolicella to the east) since 1984, as well as serving as President of the Italian Federation of Independent Grape Growers since 2013. Everything that she does in the vineyard is aimed at respecting and preserving those unique and literally incomparable qualities that are found only in her wines. Make sure you try the Corvina based Bardolino -- it is made in stainless steel to retain its varietal freshness and don't miss the Chiaretto, a sagniee of the Bardolino, it is an absolute delight!



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DOUBLE TASTING: Sauvignon Throw-Down!

Saturday, August 27, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

A bottle of red, a bottle of white, it all depends upon your appetite. We’ve put together a fantastic tasting of these two favorite grape varietals…Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Sauvignon Blanc can be made in a spectrum of styles, but it often showcases a hallmark herbal or grassy note, or a minerally note that’s like crushed rocks or sea salt, and it’s typically crisp and refreshing in style. And it positively sings when paired with goat cheese, fish tacos, and Mediterranean style food. What are you doing with all those cucumbers and tomatoes from your garden? Make a cucumber, tomato, and feta salad and serve with one of these crisp SB’s.

Maybe you’re in the mood for red. Similarly, Cabernet Sauvignon can be made in a wide variety of styles depending on where it's grown. Cabernet Sauvignon is admired for its intensity and classic flavors of currant, plum and spice, and it can also have distinguishing herb, olive, tobacco, cedar and anise notes, among others. Cab is a perfect grilling partner … grab a bottle, light the coals and serve with grilled portabello with chimichurri sauce, barbequed ribs or perfectly grilled rib-eyes.

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