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Guided Tasting: "The Sake' Ninja" is Coming!

February 28, 2019, 6:00pm- 7:00pm

Secure your spot today for an exotic guided tasting of six different Sakés with Chris Johnson, aka "The Saké Ninja"! Chris is the Saké guru and he will be here to transport your taste buds to the far away land of Japan. There is no charge for this event, but reservations are required and will be taken on a first come, first served basis as space is limited. The tasting starts promptly at 6:00pm.

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Meet Chris Johnson aka “The Saké Ninja”! 

Chris is a certified Saké Sommelier, certified WSET Level 3 Saké Educator and in 2013 earned the distinguished title of Saké SamuraiChris Johnson fell in love with Saké – and the culture and history that surround it – during the three years he spent living and working in the Japanese countryside.

Chris specializes in thought provoking Saké-and-food pairing experiences that are approachable, yet rival the most serious wine and cocktail lists in the business. By combining his reverence for traditional Japanese flavors with a touch of Western ingenuity, he aspires to elevate Saké beyond the confines of the traditional Japanese restaurant, and onto an international platform.

Chris has been featured in a number of national publications including The New York Times, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York Magazine and BlackBook, as well as Japanese publications such as Kateigaho, Anan and Erio.

Dewazakura Dewasansan "Green Ridge" Junmai Ginjo

With it's floral nose and mellow fruity flavor, "Dewasansan" is a rewarding choice for wine drinkers new to world of Sake. It has a wholesome freshness, a green apple tartness and a refreshing finish. "Dewasansan" is delicious with sashimi and oysters on the half shell and pairs perfectly with grilled tuna, sea bass and halibut. 

Regular Price $14.99 300ml, $36.99 720ml

Sale Price $12.99 300ml, $31.99 720ml


Tedorigawa Kinka "Gold Blossom"

Full, clean taste, with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity overlaying a delicate fruitiness. Like plum blossoms at winter's end, "Kinka" is vivid and poised, in the elegant Kanazawa style. Tedorigawa "Kinka" is the perfect companion for a session at the sushi bar. It's assured mouthfeel provides a perfect foil for the delicate flavors of fresh sashimi, which staunchly supporting nigiri choices like anago, mirugai and uni.

Regular Price $34.99 720ml

Sale price $31.99 720ml


Hoyo Kura No Hana "Fair Maiden" Daiginjo

Made from a specialty rice grown only in the Miyagi Prefecture, Kura No Hana is airily light and tournched with a kiss of anise. It's smoothness and gentle aroma extend a demure invitation to the world of sake enjoyment. Delicious sipped as an aperitif or served as an accompaniment to salads and light seafood dishes. Goes perfectly with lobster.

Regular Price $34.99 500ml

Sale Price $29.99 500ml


Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri "Mirror of Truth" Junmai

Longtime sake-drinkers find this sake comfortable and familiar. It is smooth at the first sip and displays a range of subtle, organic flavors as well as a pleasant natural sweetness. Pairs best with Japanese-style comfort foods like tempura, tofu and marinated chicken or pork dishes.

Regular Price $14.99 300ml, $29.99 720ml

Sale Price $12.99 300ml, $24.99 720ml


Hoyo Genji "Shining Prince" Junmai

With it's distinctive taste of cedar, grass and citrus, "Genji" delivers a crisp and refreshing "cold sake" experience. It falls midway between robust junmai and refined ginjo sake expressions. Genji's crispness and clean taste make it a great sake for sushi dining. Especially enjoyable with seared tuna or bonito and exotic vegetables. 

Regular Price $24.99 500ml, $29.99 720ml

Sale Price $19.99 500ml, $24.99 720ml


Kamoizumi "Summer Snow" Nigori Ginjo

This premium unfiltered sake is rich, creamy and brimming with exuberant natural flavor. Mildly sweet, yet surprisingly robust; it is an excellent introduction to the world of sake enjoyment. Pleasingly robust, Summer Snow carries the day with richly flavored Thai, Vietnamese and Cuban dishes - even short ribs!

Regular Price $29.99 500ml

Sale Price $24.99 500ml