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Pop-up Beer Tasting: Come Have an Excellent Adventure with Calvert Brewing Company!!!

April 5, 2019, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

   Calvert Brewing Company is one of Maryland's largest and most established craft breweries, with locations in both Prince George's and Calvert Counties. Calvert Brewing is committed to brewing a range of quality beers, offering the people of Maryland an option to fit all tastes and situations, whether you're new to craft or the most seasoned of craft beer drinkers.

    We would like to invite everyone to come and try the amazing brews of Calvert Brewing Company. We will have Joel here with us to taste everyone, Joel is directly from the brewery and will have much knowledge to share along with the beer. We look forward to seeing everyone, Cheers!

Calvert Cream Ale
5% ABV 
Calvert's Cream Ale was originally brewed as a limited release, but was added to the year-round offerings after it's home-run success at the Calvert Brewing Beer Garden. This American cream ale utilizes corn and rice in the grain bill with an infusion of lemon and orange peel in the boil to create a perfectly refreshing, flavorful, light beer.
Sale Price $10.99 per six pack, $43.96 per case

Good Company Pale Ale
6.2% ABV
The Good Company Pale Ale is a trusted companion and a worthy source of hops. While the world changes around us, you will always know you're in good company when this pale ale is in your glass. With it's big citrus barrage, dry earthy flavors, and crisp clean finish, this beer has all of the hop flavor without the pulsating palate punch.
Sale Price $10.99 per six pack, $43.96 per case

Route 4 IPA
6.5% ABV
For all you hop thrill seekers, the journey down Route 4 is one for the books. Route 4 summons good memories of a journey home, and bitter memories of a perilous work day. With a bouquet of grapefruit, pine and peach on the nose, and enough caramel malt to balance out the hop bitterness, this IPA is restrained, balanced and easy-drinking. 
Sale Price $10.99 per six pack, $43.96 per case

Excellent Adventure IPA
7.5% ABV​
For hardcore Calvert fans, you'll know this beer as the final iteration of Nick & Matt's Excellent Adventure IPA. This beer is renamed for a new sentiment and new fun times and adventures, but never without all of the tropical fruit juiciness you know and love.  It's not quite a double, but definitely not a session, and it hits that wonderful partner-in-crime zone to help you conquer whatever adventure life throws at you.
Sale Price $10.99 per six pack, $43.96 per case