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Impressive Local Brews, Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company Delivers!

January 10, 2020, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company, located in Dover, DE has a rich and storied history that began in Annapolis, and this local connection has played a huge role in their success as one of the Mid-Atlantic's oldest and best craft breweries. Come try their amazing brews, from their top-notch beers being brewed year-round to special seasonal offerings, you're bound to be impressed!

Gypsy Lager
Amber Ale | 5.0% ABV | 19.4 IBU
This Munich-Style Helles Lager is brewed in the tradition of great German Lagers. Munich and Vienna malts provide a honeyed backbone that is contrasted with the clean bitterness of Perle Hops. The result is a crisp and refreshing beer.

Copperhead Ale
Amber Ale | 5.0% ABV | 19.4 IBU
Our American Amber Ale is famous for its balanced flavor and impeccable smoothness. Caramelized malts give this beer its sweet flavor and signature copper hue. Bravo hops attribute a slight bitterness to the finish.

Double D Double IPA
Double IPA | 8.0% ABV | 90 IBU
Double D is a full-bodied Imperial India Pale Ale, flaunting sultry guava, mango and tropical fruit aromas as a result of dry-hopping. Brewed with lightly toasted malts and Bravo bittering hops, this double delights with smooth warming alcohols and a torrid finish.

Candi Belgian Tripel
Belgian Tripel | 10.0% ABV | 31.7 IBU
Saaz and Hallertau hops provide a clean, floral aroma with minimal hop bitterness. Fruity/spicy flavors from the yeast are perfectly balanced with the sweetness of Belgian candy sugar. Notes of apricot and pear linger nicely against a dry finish