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CAnE Collective Mixers are Here!

In the Barrel Room...

Baltimore-Based, All Natural, Fresh Ingredients, Discover your
favorite Summer Cocktail!




Guava Tiki Punch
Guava/Lemon/Grapefruit/Spiced Pineapple Syrup
Mix it With: Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, & Champagne

Passion Fruit Jalapeño
Passion Fruit/Lime Juice/Orange Juice/Jalapeño Syrup
Mix it With: Tequila, Mezcal, Rum, & Vodka

Tropical Green Orchard
Wight® Tropical Green Tea/Lime/Green Apple Syrup
Mix it With: Bourbon, Rye, Tequila, Mezcal, Vodka, & Champagne

Bonvivants Mixed Berry Punch
Lemon/Mixed Berry Syrup/Mint/Edible Glitter
Mix it With: Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Mezcal, Sparkling Wine

CAnE Southside
Mix it With: Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Champagne


$20 per bottle



"CAnE Collective was created out of our collective
appreciation for rum."

Three years ago, Clinton Jackson (CJ) Alexander, Aaron Joseph, and Ezra Allen started the CAnE Collective because they believed that there was something missing in the spirits industry. They noticed that there was a lack of understanding and education around one of their favorite spirits - rum. What started as an educational platform for rum and cane-based spirits, quickly developed into a platform of education for combined collective professional working knowledge. CAnE became a means to show their passion and appreciation for all spirits.
Today, CAnE Collective is following through with their promise to create craft cocktails that highlight the spirits they represent by way of the CAnE Mixers. These mixers were created to bring the experience of craft bartending directly to people’s homes.