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January 2018

Pop-Up Tasting: A Taste of Margaux Excellence

Friday, January 5, 4:30pm- 6:30pm

Julie and Xavier Gonet-Médeville are, in many ways, the first couple of French wines. Julie’s family is famous for its incomparable Chateau Gilette, and Xavier comes from a long line of Champagne growers in Le Mesnil. 

In 2008 Julie and Xavier bought the seven-acre Château des Eyrins estate from the Grangerou family, who has been cellar masters for Château Margaux for three generations. On a hillside plateau in the heart of Margaux, on the left bank of the Gironde River, La Closerie des Eyrins produces a classic Margaux: dense and deep, with incredible finesse and freshness, the wine undeniably expresses the identity of this glorious appellation.

Stop by for a taste of the excellence this Chateau produces and take home a bottle from the prestigious appellation tonight.



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New Year, New Wines!

Saturday, January 6, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Resolve to try something new this year by joining us as we pop corks on a seriously delicious lineup of exciting new, small-production wines from California and Bordeaux. Our friend Chris Damon, will be here to introduce some tantalizing wines that are sure to knock your socks off! 

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Pop-Up Tasting: Winery of the Month - Domaine Lafage

Friday, January 12, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Jean-Marc Lafage has knocked it out of the park with this duo (it was hard to pick just 2 of his wines!). From crisp, floral whites, to hedonistic, stylish reds, Lafage expresses his talents through a handful of stunning wines. We’re excited to introduce you to this rising star of a winemaker, and we hope that you’ll be just as excited to discover the wines of Domaine Lafage as we are! Stop by Friday evening to try these sensational values as we pop the corks on our wines of the month!


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Wines from the Land Down Under!

Saturday, January 13, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

G’Day Mates! From the vast country “down under”, we’re touring and tasting through some of the best and most acclaimed vineyards found in Australia’s varied and renowned wine regions. Always dynamic and cutting edge, these Australian producers search out the best vineyards and create wines that are sometimes flamboyant, often bursting with regional character and always strutting bold flavors that you’ll never forget!

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Italy's Best Bang for your Buck

Saturday, January 20

Every region of Italy boasts its own unique wines that express something special about the area’s character. With crisp whites from the coast, to silky reds from Piedmont and hearty wines from Sicily and the South, the wines from each region reveal the true heart and soul of Italy! This Saturday we will bring out some of these hidden deals where high-quality does not mean high-price. Stop by and try something new as we show off a diverse line-up from the boot! Saluti!


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Pop-Up Tasting: Special Guest Victoria Cousiño, Owner, Cousiño-Macul Winery

Wednesday, January 24, 5:00 - 6:30

Come by and Meet Victoria Cousiño, owner of Cousiño-Macul winery amd try some exquisite wines frm Chile. Founded in 1856, Cousiño-Macul is the only 19th century winery in Chile that remains in the hands of the original founding family. All Cousiño-Macul reserve wines are estate grown, vinted and bottled. After seven generations and over 150 years, Cousiño-Macul’s mission rings clear — to produce world-class wines that are unmistakably Chilean, carrying the distinctive character of the Maipo Valley.

Join us for a special evening at Grapes Wine Bar afterwards with Victoria and her phenomenal wines.

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Exotic Wines of Southern France

Saturday, January 27, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Wines from Southern France are full of aromas and flavors that appeal to both new and old world wine drinkers alike. With it's warm, Mediterranean climate, the wines made in this seductive countryside are the perfect cure for the cold weather blues. Warm up with this selection of fuller-bodied reds, the kind of wines that we think are perfect for fireside conversation and comforting, slow-cooked meals!

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Open House: Meet and Greet with Rick Moshin!

Sunday, January 28, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Leaving Silicon Valley, the ex-professor in mathematics, now Vineyard Owner and Winemaker Rick Moshin, set out to fulfill his dreams in winemaking. Now settled in the heart of the Russian River Valley, Moshin Vineyards successfully “expresses a truthful view into the heart of the vine.” Rick uses sustainable farming and minimally invasive winemaking techniques in order to capture some of the purist flavors his wines have to offer. We are excited to welcome Rick Moshin and his wines for a pop-up tasting! Stop by to try some of the finest organic Pinot Noirs (as well as a few other wines) from the Russian River and meet the winemaker himself!

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