March - Spirit of the Month

Small Batch Bourbons

United States

Hunter and Scott Bourbon Whiskey
Hunter and Scott bourbon whiskey is distilled and aged by Reservoir Distillery out of Richmond, Virginia. The name “Hunter and Scott” is derived from the both of the distiller’s middle names. This smooth and balanced bourbon whiskey is a blend of 75% corn, 20% wheat, and 5% rye and all locally grown in Virginia. Each batch is handmade, single run, and made with the finest grains and yeast. Amazing quality with an affordable price tag—just $44.99 per bottle!

Far North Spirits “Roknar” Minnesota Rye Whiskey
A true field-to-glass whiskey is hard to find these days-but we found one! Hailing from the far north of chilly Minnesota, the Viking inspired Rye Whiskey is one not to be missed. Aged in a 15 gallon charred oak barrels for one year and then finished in Cognac casks, Roknar marries the aromas of brown sugar and cinnamon with vanilla bean, roasted almonds and fresh oak. Butter smooth on the palate, finishing with a hint of soft-baked pretzels, lingers with a warming note of anise. Each batch is proofed upon bottling to give the whiskey the proof it deserves. At $49.99 per bottle, it is one to make sure to have in your liquor cabinet!

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