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July - Spirit of the Month

Redneck Riviera Whiskey

John Rich had a very specific flavor profile in mind and was adamant that the ingredients be all American. With those nuggets of information the West Coast team at Eastside Distilling set to work to create something reminiscent of Canadian Whiskey, yet produced right here in the good ol’ US of A! Hundreds of samples (and a few hangovers) later, Redneck Riviera American Blended Whiskey was born.

A masterful blend of two premium whiskies; one bringing the sweetness of grains and malt with an oak barrel finish; the other, a smooth whiskey that tastes like the caramel corn you enjoyed at the state fair as a kid. Both whiskies spent just the right amount of time aging. The combination of mash-bills consisting of Midwest corn, a little malt and a little rye makes a damn fine spirit that’s good enough to shoot, sip or mix.


A portion of the proceeds from each bottle is donated to "Folds of Honor", an organization providing educational scholarships to spouses and children of disabled service-members since 2007!

Regular Price: $29.99 per bottle, $359.88 per case

Sale Price: $21.99 per bottle, 263.88 per case

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