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November - Spirits of the Month

Local Lyon Rum, New Flavors!

Saint Michaels, Maryland

Founded in 2012, Lyon's Rum distillery launched December, 2013 with a signature line of rums paying tribute to the rich, spirited traditions of the Eastern Shore. LDC spirits start with intentionally-sourced raw ingredients, and are truly hand-crafted – mashed, fermented, and double-distilled in small pot stills – every step of the way, resulting in a superior and unique final product. The goal is to create distinctly American spirits – working to define the category of New American Rum while experimenting with obscure and varied finishes. Every spirit passes through the hands, and discerning palates, of the LDC team.

Try the newest additions!

Rock & Rum
Replacing Rye with Rum, this distinctive spirit incorporates notes of cherry, citrus, and finishes with hints of spice and sweetness, which come togeher to create the perfect "Rum Old Fashioned" in a bottle.

Coffee Rum Liqueur
Classic Lyon small batch white rum infused with artisanal cacao, and fair-trade coffee, roasted to perfection by Rise Up Coffee Roasters in Easton.





Sale Price: $38.99 Coffee Liqueur, $41.99 Rock & Rye

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