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February - Spirits of the Month

Copper and Kings The History of Lovers Gin

Louisville, Kentucky

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Wine Cellars of Annapolis presents Copper and Kings' "The History of Lovers" pot-still gin. Produced in Louisville, Kentucky, The History Of Lovers is a gin distilled to retain the intense floral aromatics of rose flowers. Crushed whole juniper berries mixed with rose hips, rose water, honey, sweet orange, tangerine, lime and pink grapefruit peels, alongside jasmine and lavender petals, coriander, pink peppercorns and licorice root are macerated in apple brandy low-wine, then redistilled together with vapor distilled rose hips, pink grapefruit peels, and lavender in the gin basket. This is a beautifully made, artisanal craft spirit, with unlimited potential for mixing or drinking on its own!

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