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2017 Jeff Runquist "1448"

Amador County, California

Jeff Runquist's "1448" has been our most-requested California red for more than eight straight years and the new vintage just arrived, on sale at Over 30% Off!

This luscious red blend has developed a cult following like no other here at WCA, and those who've tasted it know it as their “go-to” red that always delivers delicious flavor and mouthwatering satisfaction to spare!

Runquist is a master at crafting rich, ripe and deeply concentrated reds made for pure, everyday pleasure and nothing demonstrates that better than this succulent blend of Petite Sirah, Petit Verdot.

 So, whether you’re already a die-hard “1448” fan or you simply enjoy a great glass of red wine that doesn’t break the bank, this is the perfect time to stock up by-the-case and save!



2017 Jeff Runquist “1448”
Amador County, California
The 2017 "1448" has a deep dark color that clings to the inside of the wine glass. The hues are bright and youthful, with an edge of magenta. The aromas lead with blue and black fruits, most notably black raspberry, along with blackberry and mulberry. The bouquet features sweet vanilla, hazelnut, violets and lavender. The flavors are succulent and juicy, with plenty of ripe fruit framed by a toasted oak creaminess. The tannins are mature and add richness and texture to the finish.
Over 30% Off!!


Regular Price: $21.99 per bottle, $263.88 per case

Sale Price: $14.99 per bottle, $179.88 per case

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